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It’s sunny and bright, hip and happening, and loaded with celebrities. We could be describing Southern California and Los Angeles in general, but instead are telescoping in on Farmshop, an artisan market and restaurant that perfectly reflects the cool vibe of both the region and the city. Actually, there are two Farmshop restaurants—one in L.A. […]


Although born in Göttingen, Germany, in 1967, Dirk Engelhardt moved to Berlin to study at the University of Berlin and stayed. He worked as a freelance journalist, contributing food, travel, and life-style material to a variety of prestigious publications, before moving to Barcelona, in 2008. While in Spain, Dirk set up Tapas Tours Barcelona, taking […]


  San Antonio, the Texas city with south-of-the-border flair, offers gourmets much to love. Good restaurants cluster around town, accessorizing the River Walk like fine jewelry. But the shiniest, most-polished restaurants string around Pearl, the 22-acre food, entertainment and educational development on the site of the former Pearl Brewery. Pearl boasts a treasure trove of […]

Hot Chocolate and Rum Punch

You know what I’m going to miss most about winter? No, not skiing in St. Moritz, and certainly not heating bills large enough to pay for skiing in St. Moritz. I’m going to miss the après ski hot chocolate mélange as served at the Hauser Hotel in St. Moritz. The hot chocolate is so comforting […]


Ask locals to name the things that shaped St. Louis’s historical character as well as contribute to the city’s current charisma and everyone will reply: baseball and beer. Chocolate lovers will add Bissinger’s. Beloved by St. Louisans since first opening in 1927, Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier continues to make traditional high-quality chocolates and old-fashioned confections (HALLELUJAH), […]


Dark colored chocolates and goodies from Britain, Give me a taste and I’m totally smitten. Scallops and lobster that come to my door, Are some of the feast foods I simply adore. Bright shiny cookbooks and facials with red wine, Flying to Paris on OpenSkies airline. Wanting suggestions for what Santa brings? Here are the […]


Those who subscribe to author Terry Moore’s chocoholics 12-step program—“NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS FROM CHOCOLATE, ” should head to Belgium, as it has to be the most densely packed chocolate-rich country on earth. Although Belgium does not have the climate to grow cocoa beans, it does have the skill, standards and savvy to […]

World’s Best Chocolate Torte

Imagine sitting with a lover on the terrace of Merriman’s Kapalua. Your table overlooks a small-boat harbor and the south Maui shoreline where Humpback whales frolic in shimmering waters. Sunshine kisses all. Could life be sweeter?

Well…yes…frankly it could, the moment you lift a fork and bring the velvety darkness of Merriman’s Chocolate Lover’s Torte to the tongue. Forget everything else. Chocolate Lover’s Torte is perfection! It’s as good as it gets—and more.


Guess you have to be there (Ann Arbor) to indulge in the full monty, but you can sample some goodies by mail order. For example, Zingerman’s fabulous Hot Cocoa Cake (a coffee cake that is not too rich, not too sweet but just right) is available in the Ann Arbor deli and bakehouse, by mail order, and, now, even in your own home kitchen as Zingerman’s shared the recipe below. Praise the lard!


Although Cocoa’s specialties include chocolate-drenched toffees (for which she won a blue ribbon at the Arizona state fair), caramels and a divine peanut-butter confection, to me, her pièce de résistance is sponge candy (a crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth delight also know as fairy food, sugar puffs, sea foam and honeycomb).