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Guess you have to be there (Ann Arbor) to indulge in the full monty, but you can sample some goodies by mail order. For example, Zingerman’s fabulous Hot Cocoa Cake (a coffee cake that is not too rich, not too sweet but just right) is available in the Ann Arbor deli and bakehouse, by mail order, and, now, even in your own home kitchen as Zingerman’s shared the recipe below. Praise the lard!


Although Cocoa’s specialties include chocolate-drenched toffees (for which she won a blue ribbon at the Arizona state fair), caramels and a divine peanut-butter confection, to me, her pièce de résistance is sponge candy (a crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth delight also know as fairy food, sugar puffs, sea foam and honeycomb).


Deeply delicious dark chocolate tarts, made with unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, should appeal to gourmets as well as to vegans, vegetarians and raw food dieters.