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ORCHIDS AND CINNAMON For fellow orchid addicts:  After finding large black spots on two of my favorite phalaenopsis, I immediately called the local orchid hospital. The doc on call suggested a two-step cure. “First,” he said, “cut the spot from the plant, cutting with a sterilized tool, well below the spot, back to where the […]


Call it what you want: meditative eating, mindful eating, eating with intention—once learned, the benefits are life-changing, but let me cut to the chase:


You can help your fresh flowers last longer by putting them in water enhanced with a little sugar and bleach. The sugar feeds the flowers and the bleach kills bacteria. Add 3/4 teaspoon bleach and 1 teaspoon sugar to every 2-1/2 cups water for a home-made preserver as good as florists use.


DIETING ON THE CRYSTAL SERENITY If there is anytime to dish the diet it is on a cruise where you can have food 24/7. And if any cruise overloads with quality as well as quantity, it is a Crystal Cruise, where the food is always a feast. So it is odd that Michael Falla, the […]


RASPBERRY  BLUEBERRY  BLACKBERRY  Talking of berries—no need to worry about those red and blue bruise-colored stains juicy berries leave on your favorite shirt and best table linens. Barbara Gibbs Ostmann, co-author of The Recipe Writer’s Handbook (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2001), told me her mother’s secret for dissolving berry stains. (Disclaimer: proceed at your own risk; […]