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Beef Stew Recipe/Food Writer Daniel Neman

He’s a food writer for sure, but he’s also a movie-loving, food comic with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that has a bit of a bite. Just think of this sentence that Daniel Neman wrote on January 8, 2014, introducing himself as the new food writer at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Can’t help it, can’t […]

Noodles, Spaetzle, Dumplings and Chicken

I started reading my mother’s diaries. This is not as intrusive as it sounds as mom (Betty Manlin) wrote them when she was well into her eighties for her kids to read as desired.  When packing her home after she died, I put the diaries in a storage box, only to be found many years […]


Combine a choice of fine accommodations with safaris showcasing a lavish amount of wildlife and Sabi Sabi, South Africa, ranks as an unbeatable destination for travelers wanting both beauty and the beasts.


Talk about the best of all possible spa worlds. Adler Thermae Spa Resort culls the finest characteristics from its German/Italian partnership to create an ideal wellness getaway. Forgive the stereotyping, but due to the German management, the spa resort is orderly, spotlessly clean and run with medical precision. Italians contribute not only a fabulous location […]


Although he was not the first European to discover Fiji (Abel Tasman was in 1642), Captain James Cook is literally and figuratively credited as the first to put the archipelago on the world’s radar (such as the radar was in 1774). Therefore I thought it super symbolic to begin my exploration of Fiji on a […]


If they can do it, you can do it. Making fresh pasta is child’s play, especially if you have a pasta machine to do the rolling. The instructions for making the dough and using the machine may sound complicated at first, but after a little practice, nothing could be easier. So why are you waiting?  […]