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Croque Madame

The Grove Café & Market in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serves French-accented foods in an attractive setting that is part cafe, part coffee house and part gift shop. Add the sum of the parts and you’ll get a whole lot to love, including a terrific Croque Madame popular at breakfast, brunch and lunch.


Guess you have to be there (Ann Arbor) to indulge in the full monty, but you can sample some goodies by mail order. For example, Zingerman’s fabulous Hot Cocoa Cake (a coffee cake that is not too rich, not too sweet but just right) is available in the Ann Arbor deli and bakehouse, by mail order, and, now, even in your own home kitchen as Zingerman’s shared the recipe below. Praise the lard!


Recipes for two great soups, Cream of Brie and Cream of Bean. Both are luxuriously rich and beautifully versatile (can be served hot or cold, summer or winter, with any number of garnishes changing the flavor).