Heads up Instagrammers! Take note Tiktokers!

I know a super cool place where you can arrange to be photographed falling off a balcony,Two women giving the illusion of falling off a balcony at the Museum of Illusions St. Louis

cavorting on the ceiling above a 50s-style table,A woman and teen appearing to be standing on the ceiling upside down over a diner table. and walking through an unearthly vortex tunnel.A teen walking through a dark and creepy neon tunnel at the Museum of Illusions St. Louis.  You could also photograph your face in a gorgeous pattern, A brown and neon blue kaleidoscope of a face. Photo taken at the Museum of Illusions St Louis.and your head sitting on a platter,A head sitting on a platter on a table--one of the exhibits at the Museum of Illusions St. Louis

and your shrunken companion in an oversize chair.A large teen pointing to his shrunken mom in the Museum of Illusions St. Louis.

Mind-boggling? Unbelievable? Total fun? Yes. Yes. Yes.

You can catch the magic at the Museum of Illusions, a chain of privately held museums located in about 50 locations in 25 countries on four continents.

We visited the funhouse in St. Louis, where over 60 exhibits educate and entertain (“edutainment” in museum speak).

Signage explains each illusion.Signage explains the background of the illusion of a baseball player's eyes following those who walk by. Docents (“illusion experts”) suggest positions for the best shots and will even snap your photo if your companion is busy elsewhere or with you.An illusion expert snapping a photo of a family fake falling off a balcony at the Museum of Illusions St. Louis.

And a gift shop at the exit helps you take some mojo home.

Fun for all—kids and adults alike.

Coming to a city near you or already installed at your home base. Don’t miss it.Entrance desk with two ticket takers at the Museum of Illusions St Louis

For more information on Museum of Illusions click HERE and HERE.

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