My son, Mark Katzman, excels on so many levels  that I can’t list them all. And this is not just mommy praise. He is a quintessential photographer (see website; a preeminent authority on the photogravure (see website and a groovy kinda of fun-loving guy who consciously lives a responsible, caring, environmentally and politically sound good life. He’s smart enough to have married a great cook who laughs at his jokes and lent him her DNA to produce incredible kids. He eats for health and wellness, exercises and enjoys drinking (gets this from my side of the family). 

That said, during the shut down for Covid19, Mark was riding his bike, hit a bump in the road, fell and suffered a concussion. Doctors suggested that he not drink during recovery.

To lock out alcohol during the virus lock down proved to be too much for Mark, so, ever inventive, he spent the course of six weeks healing trying a little of this, a little of that, in hopes of finding a drink that he could tolerate.  

Voila! Just in time for summer, he came up with a 70-calorie masterpiece (his word—not mine). He suggested I share the recipe with Sweet Leisure readers, so here you go:


Yield: one drink. 

Fill 1 large crystal glass with Sub-Zero ice (or any ice). Add 2 to 4 capfuls of Kettle One Citroen vodka and 1/2 capful of Roses lime juice. Squeeze to death the juice from 1/2 juicy lime straight into the glass and then rake the lime along the lip of the glass to remove the pulp. Top off with Trader-Joe’s Lemon and Ginger Seltzer Water. Stab the squeezed lime half with a knife, insert into the drink and stir. Enjoy.