Talk about cool, hip, or whatever the new word is to describe happening. Just spent time at The Denver Central Market and was blown away by the high spirits—both outdoors (street art) and indoors (food and booze).

As to the outdoors:

Although Denver dresses-up multiple buildings in the city with vivid art, the lion’s share surrounds The Denver Central Market in the River North (RiNo) Art District. Commissioned by businesses, chosen from applicants in a dedicated art project, and unauthorized by free-wheeling graffitist, the street art struts its colorful stuff throughout the neighborhood, creating an open-air collection of innovative, irreverent fun. Click HERE for interactive maps outlining locations and information about key pieces.

A collage of five views of RiNo street art.

The colorful entrance to The Denver Central Market.

As to the indoors:

The Denver Central Market showcases the edible art of top-quality food purveyors, makers, and drink providers. Here is where you’ll find the truly wonderful, awesome, expensive artisan bakery, Izzio, and the brilliantly stocked, people-pleasing bar, Curio.

A collage of two photos showing workers in Izzio bakery and Curio bar.

Although Izzio earned a national reputation for bread, man cannot live by bread alone. Central Market’s Izzio sells a wide array of uniquely glorious pastries. The favorite remains the La Roulette, a large, round, flaky, butter-intense croissant filled with a choice of highly flavored rich, thick pastry cream. Yipes! Delicious! Cost $10 for one, but is large enough to serve two, if anyone is strong enough to share.

Two photos one showing a whole La Roulette and one showing a cut La Roulette

La Roulette

And then there is Curio—a crowd-drawing bar specializing in beer, wine, and cocktails—the cup runneth over with choice.

Beer, wine, and cocktails at Curio

Charmed by the name, I ordered a Makin’ Love at Midnight. On the menu for $14/$17, the drink is like a lush and luxurious snow cone piled into a highball glass.

Anyone headed to Denver can invigorate their spirit with a trip to the RiNo Art District and The Denver Central Market. Anyone staying at home can catch a touch of the spirited magic by crafting a Makin’ Love at Midnight.


Yield: one cocktail.A highball glass filled with Makin' Love at Midnight drink and garnished with mint and lime.

2 ounces pandan cachaca (see NOTE below)

1.5 ounces mango nectar

1.5 ounces Coco Lopez cream of coconut

1 ounce Brugal 1888 rum

.5 ounces lime juice


Fresh mint for garnish

Thin wedge of lime for garnish

Put pandan cachaca, mango nectar, cream of coconut, rum, and lime juice in the jar of a blender. Add a handful of ice cubes. Blend until mixture is slushy. Pour slush into a highball glass. Garnish with mint leaves and lime.

NOTE: Curio makes pandan cachaca by infusing one whole pandan leaf in a 750ml bottle of cachaca for 24 hours and then straining.

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