Anna Marco is not only a writer with over 800 articles to her credit, but also a magazine editor, film actress, model, professional makeup artist, advertising expert with over 28 years of experience in the entertainment industry, stylist, fashion designer, creator of a cartoon series and an automotive industry spokesperson. Whew! This high octane woman is also a drag-racing, hot-rod, automobile and actually-any-thing-with-wheels enthusiast and expert.
Born in Southern California, the birthplace of hot rodding, Anna became involved at a early age. She reports that as a teenager she would illegally win local street races and buy shoes with the winnings, jump-starting her trademarked motto, “I like my heels high and my cars low.”
Also know as “Anna Octane” and “Hot Rod Doll,” Anna is as generous as she is sassy.
Sweet Leisure bumped into her in Los Angeles at the Petersen Automotive Museum where she works as a tour guide.
“What should we see?” we asked her at the third floor start of the exhibits. “Everything,” she answered.
As everything is almost impossible to view in a one-shot visit, we asked for a summary of musts.
The hot rod babe sent the following:



By Anna Marco

Los Angeles is one of the most car centric cities in the United States and this museum is a destination hub for travelers and their families. The museum boasts 300 of the world’s finest modes of transportation, interactive displays, rare motorcycles, a Discovery Center for kids and play area, The Art Center College of Design studio, the Forza driving/racing experience, Drago restaurant and ample parking, all housed in a sleek exterior that mimics ground effects aerodynamics.There is much more to see and do here including the Petersen store, rotating exhibits, special events, cruises, movie nights, and art shows, but you have to go see it for yourself.

Here are my thoughts on the top 10 reasons to visit:

The Petersen Crown Jewels of Autos collection: The Petersen acquired some of the most valuable vehicles on Earth especially the 1925/1934 Round Door Rolls Royce Phantom One by Jonckheere. This stunning 22- foot long vehicle is a tribute to the Art Deco movement and the only one of its kind in the world. It is the crown jewel of the Petersen collection which also includes the Steve McQueen Jaguar (and 3 other of his vehicles), Preston Tucker’s Tucker 48 (Car #30), The Rita Hayworth Cadillac, the world’s most original Mercer, a 1929 DuPont Speedster G by Waterhouse, a Cisitalia, the Prince of Persia’s 1939 Delahaye Type 165, and the all original 1952 Ferrari Barchetta that was a birthday present from Enzo Ferrari to Henry Ford II.


The 1959 Outlaw by Ed Roth: This iconic fiberglass vehicle started the Kustom Kulture movement in hot rodding and the use of fiberglass material in show cars of the 1960s. This original vehicle is part of the crown jewel collection at the Petersen and valued at over 7 figures. This original car inspired Hot Wheels and Revell to make miniature versions of it.


The Mullin Grand Salon: Peter Mullin, avid Bugatti historian, has a most impressive collection of Bugatti memorabilia and cars and showcases his personal collection in the main gallery on the first floor. The rotating exhibit sometimes includes the most valuable Bugatti on Earth, a 1936 57SC Atlantic of which only two are known to exist.


The Nearburg Family Gallery: An impressive collection of Dan Gurney race cars and other race vehicles valued at over $80 million. The 180-degree wall of sound and image surround is an immersive “day at the races” audio visual experience.


The Meyer Gallery: Bruce Meyer was a dear friend of the Petersen’s and helped support the establishment of the museum in 1994. An avid car collector himself, The Meyer Gallery features a rotating exhibit of the world most impressive vehicles based on their color. Currently: “Seeing Red: 70 years of Ferrari” is on exhibit.


The Hollywood Gallery: This exhibit pays tribute to cinematic cars of Hollywood such as the Batmobile, the “Back to The Future” DeLorean and others.


The Vault Tour: Beneath the museum is a working car garage with 120 cars on display. For an additional fee, you can join a guided 90-minute tour of this high security area highlighting the car collection stored here including Billy Gibbons 1948 Cadillac “Cadzilla.” No photos are allowed in the vault and the display changes daily depending on what cars are being worked on.


The Petersen Publishing Archives: Soon to be available for public research, the Petersen Publishing Archives houses extensive records of hot rodding from 1948 to 1994 and is a treasure trove of information for historians.

The Petersen Museum Staff: Honestly, excellent customer service is at the heart of any business model and the Petersen Automotive Museum is top notch when it comes to a friendly atmosphere and cleanliness. There are resources available for private events/parties, private tours and corporate events as well.

Easy access to museum row, the Fairfax District, Hollywood and Farmers Market:
What more can we say, you can make an entire day of sightseeing in the Hollywood adjacent area, starting at the Petersen. This museum anchors the crossroads of antique cars in the modern world. Where else can you see an 1886 Benz Patent Motor wagon and a 2017 Ford GT in one place?

The museum is open daily with reasonable admission prices and parking.

Visit for more info.